Friday, August 5, 2011

Big day today!

This morning we went to school so Nicholas could meet his teachers for the year. He'll be going m-w-f and I think I'm inappropiately excited about school starting back. yes sireeeeee I'm not ashamed!
Then it was home to ride on our new big guy bike! This was a present for NO MORE DIAPERS!!! Below is the little sweetie in action.... well, he tries to be sweet.

This one's better....

Then I FINALLY took him to get a haircut! His hair was so long! So here's the after picture of my big guy.

Also, on the way home from the haircut and a little frozen yogurt with gummy bears we had a little discussion. This is how it went.

N: 'I have to pee'

Me: 'We are almost home, you'll just have to hold it'

N: 'If I hold the pee it will drip through my fingers'

At this point I almost wrecked the car from laughing.

Guess I should choose my wording more carefully.

Have a happy weekend!

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Megan Tomlinson said...

Jennifer--I CAN NOT believe how grown up he is!!! So stinkin' cute, too! :)