Friday, August 5, 2011

Big day today!

This morning we went to school so Nicholas could meet his teachers for the year. He'll be going m-w-f and I think I'm inappropiately excited about school starting back. yes sireeeeee I'm not ashamed!
Then it was home to ride on our new big guy bike! This was a present for NO MORE DIAPERS!!! Below is the little sweetie in action.... well, he tries to be sweet.

This one's better....

Then I FINALLY took him to get a haircut! His hair was so long! So here's the after picture of my big guy.

Also, on the way home from the haircut and a little frozen yogurt with gummy bears we had a little discussion. This is how it went.

N: 'I have to pee'

Me: 'We are almost home, you'll just have to hold it'

N: 'If I hold the pee it will drip through my fingers'

At this point I almost wrecked the car from laughing.

Guess I should choose my wording more carefully.

Have a happy weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

hello again!!!!!

Well, I'm trying this again. After a long blog break I'm going to try and see if I can start this again. First up, a weekend at Uncle Allen & Aunt Lissa's. Please know that these are two of N's most fav people in the world and he loves going to visit them! There is always something fun to see, ride, or discover at their house!

First up, picking blueberries.

Concentrating VERY hard driving the boat.

And... lovin' every minute of it! First time on the tube- yes, he does look a little hesitant... but let me just tell you- this guy is fearless. After about 30 seconds he was riding without holding on, it was rediculous. Actually, we fell off once... no, you don't get those lovely pictures... and he was super excited about that. See. Fun! 4-wheeler rides! SO. FUN. SUCH a fun weekend!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Here is the video of the kids piling on the blow-up birthday cake. This was just part of the craziness! At one time I counted 7 kids on it at once. But I figure no bloody noses, no broken bones, no harm done! It's terrbile quality, but I'm thinking that you can get the drift.... I'm asking Santa for a new video camera this year!

Thanks to Ashley for stepping in and saving the little ones before they got squished!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm back...

Recently I've been told by lots of folks that I hadn't updated the blog in a while. SO I went from lots of posts to zero... Well, this I can not explain. We've done lots of fun stuff in Aug and Sept, so lets just think of it as a blog vacation. Now We're back! Everything's great in our house and Nicholas turns 2 next month! I can't believe it. Here's a little video from this morning.... please note that I did NOT teach him this.... :) Shake Yo Booty!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Watch out for the fence!!!!!

So I got a call from my friends at Centex and they said that they were going to try and stop the falling rock and the flooding that comes from the mountain behind my house. I think it's great, some of my neighbors absolutely do not. They are mad a hornets. I'd rather not have a child (mine or others) smashed by one of the huge rocks... here is the progression....
This is the wall while my fence was being put up.
This is yesterday at about 7 am. They had done this work late last week. Next thing I see when I look out my back window is this....
DO you SEE how close this is to my fence?!!?!??!
I had a panic attack....
THEN, this! Holy Moly! I was seriously praying that this didn't turn into a disaster...
They just kept getting closer and closer to my precious fence....
Nicholas kept a close eye on it for me. He was really excited! I was definitely not....
There will definitely be more updates when they start the next step. I'm hoping that it actually looks good when they get done.

Monday, July 20, 2009

video for laughs

Nicholas and Gavin love dancin to mom's accordion! This is not the best video that I've gotten, but the other ones were really bad b/c I was laughing so hard the camera was shaking. ~~~~ let's just say that Nicholas got really excited and might have knocked Gavin across the room... enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

a whole new world....

Here's the fence! I love, love, love it! Isn't it the most beautiful thing ever??!!?!??!?!
Nicholas & Trigger didn't exactly know what to do!
Nicholas karate chopping the bird feeder.
Trigger didn't quite know what to do without his leash. He got the hang of it though!
No more leashes for us!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!